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Never in my life have I ever experienced such terrible customer service. I have tried for over 5 months to redeem my voucher for wine making at Anna William here in Toronto. The company had rescheduled my appointment over 5 times (even after it took them 12 weeks to get the wine in when they said it would be 4-5 weeks), didn't have bottles to bottle the wine, and didnt show up to the appointments once scheduled and I had shown up to the appointment. William offered me a free batch of wine for the hassle but I want nothing to do with this garbage company.

I contacted Dealfind for a refund and experienced the same run around. Called over 7 times, told I would have a refund in 10 days, told a manager would call me...NOTHING was done and no follow up. They didn't even have record of my conversation and calls aren't recorded to help back your situation.

Finally last night after much argument they gave me a refund.....of STORE CREDIT! This was suppose to be my fiance's birthday what do I buy him...5 months worth of more hassle and embarrasment? Dont even bother talking to the manager Darryl, hes just as useless and didnt care. He even admitted he didn't read the email chain I sent him to backup the situation.

I have emails upon emails back and forth from Anna Williams proving I have been trying for months to get this completed and they told me that after 7 days of purchasing the voucher they will not under any circumstance give a money refund. I am now $200.00 out and no present given to my bday ever, NOT! Stay FAR FAR AWAY.

Who is worse, Anna William Wine Making or Dealfind...hard to tell as they are both equally as awful.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Spent $350 on wine, they don't return calls or e-mails. Phone is now out of service, one e-mail is returning mail now and "For lease" sign on the door, although inside contents appear there. Unreal.


I wasted my time, and energy also, after buying a Groupon Coupon. I wish I had done my due diligence beforehand.

If they had offered it up as free after this episode, I would have refused to drink anything from this unknown potted source. How they can remain in business, and under the Health Department Authorities?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #809626

Phew. I almost bought a bunch of these on groupon (I would never by from that scam site dealathons).

There have been way too many bad customers experience examples online for Anna William Wine Making so I definitely won't be buying! Thanks for the warning.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #801365

Thanks for your information. I almost bought a groupon!

Ontario, California, United States #774371

...this just made me decide not to spend my money on this place

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #743056

This certainly does not look good for Anna Williams winemaking. What they should have done was a full cash refund and sent this client away HAPPY.

Very poor on you Anna Williams and the reason for my decision not to make wine at your establishment. As a small business owner, I would never let such a disgruntled client leave my shop. I would make it right and so should you.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #741298

would love to talk to you about this situation.

please email me back at

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