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I purchased with first off and had no problems with them, then I found out they went bankrupt and were going to be called TeamBuy, and than TeamBuy changed to Ncrowd and I found out that Ncrowd was called Boom Street. I was trying to find out what I could do regarding 3 vouchers I have that had a NO-EXPIRY date on them,I had also purchased a Voucher for World Resorts International worth $1,500.00 and I could not find any company named that after purchasing it, that I believe was thru TeamBuy.

We had previousy purchased one in 2012 from Dealfind and had a beautiful vacation in Florida, There were NO PROBLEMS with DEALFIND, we had also purchased a hotel voucher in Halifax thru Dealfind and there was problems at the hotel, when I contacted Dealfind they credited the whole amount back to our credit card, and there was a Cash Balance in an account for me. I originally had NO Problems with until going bankrupt. I was told the account would be turned over to the next company, but now don't know who in the heck has I lost roughly $700.00 It sucks to be ripped off...and can't do anything about it.

I don't hink my mastercard is going to do anything about any of this as it's been too long.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Dealfind.

I didn't like: Teambuy, Ncrowd, Boom street no comment.

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Please I was only writing a review I DO NOT want to be contacted by any one except maybe to find out if I still have a credit, and as for Boom Street I haven't yet had a chance to even contact or deal with them.

Thank You


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