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They were giving SPA vouchers for Traci for $19 and I got 2 for $38. Now I contacted her and she is out of Business.

WTF. So I decided to contact them. Now what sort of B.S company does not have a Phone number to contact them except obviously a FRAUD. Anyways My husband is a lawyer and I am going to sue them for a lot of money..

And I am putting it all over the new that they are nothing but FRAUD. Order number is - 110909-622501-002. I have sent them an email already but I wanted to put is up here too so that people should not buy from them as they are a fraud. Now I am sure they made a few thousand dollars on this scam but I want my *** money back ASAP.

Will let you know as soon and if they reply or will let you know what the outcome of the Law suit is. I am looking forward to see you guys in court as my Husband is one of the top lawyers here and for me its going to be F.O.C lol. But hey people anyone else interested in suing their butts please contact me here and I will contact you... Whatever we get out of them we will give it to charity cause I do not want fraud money.

A few thousand dollars will make alot of people very happy....

P.S- Resolve it before it gets out of hand...

Monetary Loss: $38.

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Alexandria, Virginia, United States #959866

I would join a class action suit as well- I'm out hundreds of dollars from vouchers that "never expire" except when the company files bankruptcy and stops paying the vendors, and the new company assumes 0 liability.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #851386

Dealfind is now Teambuy. Stay away! I would join a class action suit agains teambuy.



Thank you for your inquiry. I see that one of our CS agents followed up with your inquiry. If the person who purchased them submits an inquiry for a refund we can follow up with them. The vouchers were not purchased under the email account that we received the inquiry from. This is a security procedure we have to follow. If you can get the person who purchased the vouchers to email us we can definitely issue a refund.

We apologize for any misunderstanding, thank you for your help. We look forward to getting this resolved for you.

Thank you,

Dealfind Support

to DealfindSupport Sudbury, Ontario, Canada #589259

Mr DealfindSupport,

Post a phone number with a live person at the other end. ...Oh, why not??

My rip-off was a voucher for a stay and spa services at Georgian Manor Resort. A complete Fraud, since they overbook and no spa appointments are available. "Sorry, you're past the window for refunds" makes Dealfind as guilty for the fraud.

Lawyers, take this opportunity for a class action lawsuit, and put the fraudsters out of business asap.





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