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I have purchased several coupons for restaurants and they have expired. 2 others are out of business.

Coupons clearly say that THEY NEVER EXPIRE. Trying to get the original value refunded is a hassle. Complaining to the Manager not possible as it is their policy and the Rep is stubborn and arrogant. Rep says the coupons expire after 270 days!!


Stay away from these shady outfit as they are crooks. I do plan to escalate this matter further and will take legal action if need be - See more at: http://gripevine.com/liars-liars-liars-and-bad-hard-headed-rep-deal-find-gripe-21011398#sthash.aws5MSQi.dpuf

Monetary Loss: $230.

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I have the same issue(I lost about $170). Dealfind's partner does not honor voucher anymore although it clearly said in voucher NO EXPIRE DATE, and customer Rep of Dealfind said they can do nothing about it, no refund is possible as it passed 240 days!

Is this the way they make money?

Just took money from their customer by Cheating? You are running a business, you should be responsible and respect your customer, not transfer your business risk to your valued customer and satisfy yourself but not your customer!

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